MHS Established 1991

1.   Field Guide to Hosta by Mark Zilis

2.   The Hostapedia An Encyclopedia of Hosta,
       by Mark Zilis

3.   Hosta Hand Book, by Mark Zilis

4.   Timber Press Pocket Guide to Hostas,
       by Diana Grenfell

5.   The Gardeners Guide to Growing Hosta,
       by Diana Grenfell

6.  The Color Encyclopedia of Hosta, by Diana Grenfell

      and Michael Shadrack

7.   The New Encyclopedia of Hosta (Second Edition)

      by Diana Grenfell

8.   Hostas An Essential Guide, by Richard Ford

9.   Hosta (Foliage Series) by Sandra Bond

10. Hosta The Flowering Foliage Plant,
​       by Diana Grenfell

11. The Book of Little Hosta, by Kathy Guest Shadrack  

       & Michael Shadrack

12. The Hosta Book, by Paul Aden

13. The Hosta Book Second Edition, by Paul Aden

14. Hostas The New Plant Library, An Illustrated Guide

       to Varieties, Cultivation and Care, with Step by Step

       Instructions, by Andrew Mikolajski, Consultant

       Diana Grenfell

15. Hosta – Grow Your Hosta as per Species Habits,

       by Reggie D. Millette & Millette Photomedia

16. Hostas, by Rosemary Barrett

17. A Rookies Guide to Hosta, by Ralph Heiden

18. The Genus Hosta, by W. George Schmid​