MHS Established 1991

Hosta Virus X is on the move and becoming more rampant as the years go by. So far there is no remedy. Much research has taken place, with no real solution or cure for this virus.

First and foremost: Clean your tools by scrubbing with a 10% household bleach solution, Dawn dish detergent, and 70% isopropyl alcohol if you suspect Hosta Virus X. Wash your hands and/or change your gloves. If the suspect Hosta virus X brushed against your clothing, change your clothes before handling another non-infected Hosta. The virus is spread by the sap in the plant. If any part of the root, stem or leaf is broken it can seep onto/into tools, and clothing/gloves.

The virus remains in the soil:  Do not plant Hosta in the same location for a minimum of two growing seasons. (Note this time line may vary depending on circumstances, new research, and is not a guarantee the virus is no longer active. Be aware and cautious when planting Hosta in the same location).

It is up to us to know what to look for, and what to do next. Be proactive; help contain this virus in Hosta and do not give away, donate
or sell Hosta with HVX. Notify nurseries who you think may be selling plants with the virus and ask them to remove plants from the
​sales area.

There are Test Kits available at: agdia

If you suspect and cannot clearly identify the virus this may be your solution to know for sure. If the test is positive for HVX, the result is the same; the Hosta must be destroyed. To destroy the plant, wait until it is dormant, or to expedite the process, use Round-up.  It is a good idea to tie the plant up, so it does not touch another Hosta in the process of going dormant before removal.

For more detailed information on Hosta Virus X go to the American Hosta Society Web Site.

Hosta known to be susceptible for Hosta Virus X:  Gold Standard – Sum and Substance – Birchwood Parkys’ Gold – Striptease – Royal Standard – So Sweet – Gold Edger – June – Blue Cadet

HVX is not limited to the listed Hosta.  Hosta are infected by human interaction.  Practice clean and safe handling of plant material and tools.  Destroy all infected plants in the garbage, do not compost.